About Us

The Great Work PR is both a resource and PR agency for those engaged in what Thomas Berry called the Great Work. We provide services to those driving progressive cultural change, including businesses, authors, poets, artists, spiritual leaders, non-profits, educational institutions, NGOs and anyone working in service to the greater Earth community.

We founded this agency first and foremost to support the important work being done today as our planet faces unprecedented environmental, political, social, and economic change. Our role is to connect those on the front lines both with each other and the wider world. Too often, those engaged in this work labor in obscurity and isolation. These are people and organizations whose names should be heard in every revolution of the 24-hour news cycle. Their work is that important.

Thomas Berry wrote about the need for a new creation story to tell about our Universe, one that emphasizes humans as just one part of the much larger Web of Life that connects us all in ways we are only now beginning to appreciate. Berry realized the power of stories to shape how we perceive the world and our place in it.

Story lies at the heart of what we do at The Great Work PR. With nearly 20 years of experience in communications and PR, we help clients tell their stories through both traditional and new media, social networking, and powerful website and blog content.

More importantly, however, we want our agency and website to serve as a resource to those engaged in the Great Work to learn from each other. Our People of the Great Work blog is one way in which we can bring this community together. We are all connected, and we see our role as facilitating and strengthening those connections.

So, please, have a look around, leave a comment on a blog post, and feel free to get in touch by email or through the form below.